Mampong Akwapim

Plush Community Settlement

Total Land: 120 acres
Master Agreement Only: 46 acres
Duly Registered: 21.43 acres
Land Registry: 24.19 acres

Land Development

Stravents Ghana Limited has acquired acres of Lands on the Akwapim Ridge precisely in Mampong Akwapim with a view developing and sell for prescribed buildings and at the same time putting up Gated Communities and Town Houses for sale.


The current lands are situated on the southern part of Mampong which has the Ocean and Accra/Tema in its view. It is very beautiful off-town settlement with hills, valleys, vegetation and with water bodies. About 2km (3-5mins drive) from the Mampong township. It is also at the Northern part of Dodowa and Western of Larteh Akwapim.

The Distance from Mampong-Akwapim to downtown Accra (Ghana’s Capital City) is only 32Kms and a driving time of about 25mins. It is also about 30kms to Koforidua, the Regional Capital. It’s very close to a lot of Tourist attractions and Historical sites such as the Tetteh Quarshie Cocoa Farm in Mampong (the origin of cocoa plantation), the Aburi Botanical Gardens 8km away, Boti water Falls 45kms away, Akosombo Dam (premier hydroelectric Dam site) 48kms away.


The Akwapim Ridge; Mampong-Akwapim in particular; has not recorded any major security challenge in the past years as is confirmed by the District Assembly and the Ghana Police Service.


The Ridge is not under any environmental threat whether air, land, chemical, water etc. the area is predominantly a residential, commercial and educational hub in Ghana hence less in any such pollution as at date.
Stravents Limited (StratProperties) is poised to always involve the Environmental Protection Agency is all its operations and activities always.

Why The Akwapim Ridge?

Akwapim (Mountain) Ridge in Ghana has a very conducive weather condition due to the altitude; it has very beautiful and mountainous terrains with a lot of valleys, water bodies and even waterfalls.
The Distance from Mampong-Akwapim to Accra (Ghana’s Capital City) is only 32miles and a driving time of about 40mins. It is also about 30miles to Koforidua, the Regional Capital. It’s very close to a lot Tourist attraction and Historical sites such as the Tetteh Quarshie Cocoa Farm in Mampong itself, The Aburi Botenical Gardens 7miles away, Boti Falls 45miles away, Akosombo 40miles away and many of such. There is a very good road network leading to both the Regional and the National Capitals.
Other Amenities such as light, portable water, telephone, medical facilities; Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital a district hospital and Centre for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine, a National and International research Centre and Hospital, An Orthopeadic Hospital and other private madical installations are all accessible in the town.
The Ridge can boast of very good schools from pre-school stage to Tertiary levels; Light House Church International University in Mampong, Wisconsin University 15miles away, Presbyterian University 6.5miles away.

Building Layout Concept

Stravents Limited (StratProperties) intends to put up a cluster of Homes in Five (5) categories; Platinum Gate, Golden Gate, Silver Gate, Bronze Gate and a Wooden Gate. These categories will be granted with distinct Engineering designs that will match Economic levels of Occupants. The Platinum will be the highest spec and as well highest in price. The layout will be in zones according to the afore-mentioned classifications.
All the needed Business, Commercial, Entertainment structures, facilities and requirements shall be in place within the ENCLAVE making the enclave one stop site/location for residential, commercial, business, education and entertainment accessed. This values addition shall save occupants more cost. The ENCLAVE can be named for social or working or professional sub-zones such as CELEBRATIES, FOOTBALLERS, PARLIAMENTARY enclave etc.
This Plush City in making is one out of many Stravents Limited want to implement will foster and promote community life in a real and truly African setting so as to alleviate all social and psychological challenges non-community settlement environment spills.